The principals of Premier Building Group have been building new and unique luxury homes for 30 years. Custom home building is highly distinctive from all other forms of construction, requiring both attention to the smallest details as well as a clear vision for the end product, all the while incorporating the perfect blend of innovation, style and functionality. Premier Building Group brings the highest level of professionalism, experience and hands-on involvement to this process.

Premier Building Group offers a highly personalized experience based on our client’s needs, including complete design services. We work with many well-renowned architects and residential designers in the industry including Berkus Architects, Mark Lemoine, Pete Larez, David Heintz and Scott Gearing.

One of the key services we provide our clients, architects and engineers is value-engineering, a detailed analysis focusing on providing costing options, suggestions and design ideas from the entire design-build team, including architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing and both high and low voltage systems.  Clients find our value engineering service extremely useful in establishing budgets for their construction without compromising quality.

We realize the importance of scheduling commitments. Premier’s differentiating attribute is our ability to maintain scheduling with quality. Our clients enjoy the convenience and seamless flow from concept through the completion of their project.

Premier Building Group is an environmentally responsible builder. We closely cooperate with the design team, architects, engineers and the clients at all stages of the project. We remain current on construction technologies being improved and developed to complement current practices. Designing and building with the overall impact on human health and the natural environment in mind is an important consideration at Premier Building Group.

The principals of Premier Building Group are well-experienced in production building and renovating investment properties. We provide an organized approach together with production-build efficiencies and economies of scale. For more information, click here.