We had an amazing experience with Premier Building Group. Steve and Jane were wonderful to work with, and they made the process fun, exciting and best of all, worry-free. Given that this was our first custom home, we did not fully anticipate all the many facets to the process but Steve and Jane walked us through each step, they considered all our ideas and desires carefully and gave some much needed guidance and insight. Jane was both impressive and indispensable with her expertise and ability to pull together all our ideas and thoughts, and flawlessly develop our vision. She brought our home to life and exceeded all of our expectations. Also, their attention to time, budget and every detail, no matter how small or how big, was truly appreciated.

We have our dream home and all thanks to Premier. We have enjoyed showing our home to their clients and would gladly recommend them to anyone interested, not only because they gave us a beautiful home, but especially because they gave us an extraordinary experience.

John and Becky Schwartz

When my husband and I decided to remodel we knew we faced some huge challenges. Our home is larger, but older custom nestled on a private two acre estate. It was our vision to update from the Mission style to a soft contemporary that still blended harmoniously with the neighborhood. 

Never having been through such a process we were very apprehensive to allow just any contractor to touch our home. We had heard the terrible stories about remodeling and contractors that are never there or finish the project on time. When we met Steve and Jane we knew it was a fit. One of our concerns was finding the perfect architect and the perfect builder. What made our decision easier to do this project is that Premier is a design-build “one-stop-shop”. They completely designed our project, built it and finished it with a full interior design. We found it fascinating!

Their professionalism and patience not only kept us calm during this process but their entire team made the whole process a fun and memorable experience. Premier has taken care of our home throughout the years as if it was their own. Their complete customer service has been one of the most important aspects of this process. We could not be more satisfied and only have the highest of praise and appreciation for Steve and Jane and their entire team at Premier Building Group.

Macrina and Bing Bordier

We fell in love with our home the minute we walked in. It was so beautifully designed and built by Steve and Jane, that we knew we had found just the one. From the layout to the colors, textures, and finishes used, everything was artfully selected and finished. We loved their design eye so much, when we wanted to customize some features two years later, we went straight back to Steve and Jane. They added some really amazing things, including an incredible salt water aquarium that opens into both our Family Room and Living Room and our pride and joy, the backyard Cabana. It is our own private paradise with a fully functional kitchen and living space, accentuated by the tropical themed pool and rock features. Now if I can only get my husband to come back in the house once in a while!

We had a lot of fun on these projects. Steve is full of brilliant ideas, nothing is impossible with him and Jane just knows how to make everything look its absolute best. They make an exceptionally talented team and they genuinely care about their client’s happiness. In end, they didn’t just give us a spectacular home, but we got two great friends as well. We cannot thank them enough! 

Sue and Xavier Durcholz


Steve and Jane,

We are delighted to provide you a testimonial.

Extraordinary best describes our experience with you! We were amazed at how you captured the exact essence of our dream and made it come to life. We have built several custom homes before and just love the process and details in each one. You both complemented our vision and through your expertise and ability we realized our dream. We so appreciated not only the care you gave to the project, but also the relationship. Trust is extremely important when contracting with a builder and you far exceed all expectations.

We could not be more satisfied with your complete follow through to every detail. This project was a truly enjoyable experience and only hope you would move to Texas and build us another one!

Wishing you the best,

Jerry and Monika Czerwinski